Sunday, July 12, 2009



I'm happy to say that me (I only had to fight once in my division :p) and Bryan (even though he was mistakenly placed on a weight class above his) won 1st place in our division. Although there were mistakes made (I'll leave the job of finding these mistakes to BigE :) ), we both fought hard and just basically wore out our opponents.

I also fought in the intermediate open weight division, and won my first fight, but lost my next two.

I will post videos and pictures up as soon as they are uploaded.

Thanks to the team for helping us get to where we are.


UPDATE: I have started uploading the videos. My computer is acting screwy, so Bryan's first fight video actually extends a little bit into his second fight, but I have also created a video of his entire second fight. The files being uploaded at 3 hours per video, so it's gonna take a while to get all the videos up. However, you can check out the videos once they are uploaded at:


Big E said...

Where the hell is the video Ricky????

Lo Pan said...

I'm trying to video capture the video to my computer, but it keeps giving me a weird error message. I'm trying to use a different video capture program.

Big E said...

I'm waiting..... LOL

Big E said...

Congratulations to Ricky and Bryan for doing big thngs in Watsonville.