Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Battle of the Bay Fight Videos

BotB2009 - Ricky Fight W

BotB2009 - Ricky 1st Fight Open Weight W

BotB2009 - Ricky 2nd Fight Open Weight L Mata Leon

BotB2009 - Ricky 3rd Fight Open Weight L

BotB2009 - Bryan 2nd Fight W

BotB2009 - Bryan 3rd Fight W Mata Leon

Note: Bryan's first fight keeps failing to upload to youtube, so I'm gonna capture it again from my camcorder, and upload the new copy.


Bolshevik said...

Congrats, fellas. Way to represent.

Ricky, way to take it to the big guys in the open.

Bryan, way to take it to the big guys in "your" weight class.

La Grenita said...

Nice work, guys. Some great stuff in there. Ricky, I loved the Simple Sweep to mount in your Open Win. Damn that was awesome. Bryan, way to hang on with those hooks in the finals. And don't think I didn't see those keylock attempts in the 2nd fight.

Well done, all around.