Monday, April 21, 2008

Gracie Registration is working!

EDIT: The original link for the sign up was wrong. I had to re-register on the website. If you signed up w/ the wrong link (the right registration page should say "Gracie Invitational" on the top), re-register. I called Gracie's gym, and I was told that you won't be charged if you signed up in the wrong registration page.

Finally! I called Gracie's gym, and apparently they are still having the tourney this Sat (on the 26th). However, the schedule during the day has changed. The changes has been made on the website. Here's the link for online registration.

I hope to see most of the team there.


Bolshevik said...

Dang. No day weigh-ins the day before. I have some work to do this week.

Lo Pan said...

Are you gonna drop weight? I was thinking about it (to 121 lb), but I'm close to the cusp (I'm 135lb) ... but I remember the guy I fought last time was bigger than me. Or maybe I should start doing stand-up w/ the bigs.

Bolshevik said...

I'm dropping to 155.