Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gracie Invitational info

EDIT: The original link that I posted on Monday (the previous post) for the sign up was wrong. I had to re-register on the graciefighter.com website. If you signed up w/ the wrong link (the right registration page should say "Gracie Invitational" on the top), re-register. I called Gracie's gym, and I was told that you won't be charged if you signed up in the wrong registration page.

This page contains new info and a link for registration. Seems to be only Gi-Less for adults, which should make things go much faster than last time.


Bolshevik said...

Sweet! Friday weigh-ins!

Lo Pan said...

Yea, I'll ask Earl tonite if he wants to go on Friday, since I don't think we'll train.