Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open Mat Throwdown Tomorrow

This is the info I got on tomorrow's "bullshido throwdown"

"Nor Cal throwdown: Feb 21, 2010

Yes folks, its like going to the Sircus to see the DTT/TD!!!

Come by Sunday at 11am for the usual friendly, agreed-upon format sparring and what-not. Learn ye some Sambo moves or we can work on our poppin&lockin until the big event at 2pm:

hate-fracking good times of DTT vs Sirc according to some sort of UFC-derivative rules-set that these queefs have agreed upon and I'll referee in professional and courteous fashion.

location: Cheetah's Muay Thai gym, 5523 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, 94608

equipment: Prepare for what you'd like to spar in; such as headgear, gloves and padding if you'd like to stand-up sparring. Grapples-gear if you want to do combat grippling. Training weapons if that's your deal.

fee: a $10 mat fee is greatly appreciated, but not required.

As we build up a head-count we can figure out what everyone wants to do and prepare accordingly. My students will be there and you can get your asses kicked in all manner of ways.

reply or subscribe to this thread to be counted in, you can also email : if you need amy more info."

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