Monday, February 2, 2009

Shingu Fighter Academy 1st Annual Invitational Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Hi, Everybody:

I just want to congratulate and thank everybody who showed up (Big Mike, Chris, Kelsey, and me). Although we all didn't win all of our matches, we all fought hard and fought well. You all made me PROUD to be part of the PRS MMA Fight Team. It is taking YouTube a whole day and a half to load up the videos. I will post them later.


Bolshevik said...

Who arranged that photo? You always have to have Big E stand in the back or to the side.

Lo Pan said...

I never notice that before. But I think Big E stands in the back a lot because he's so damn tall. Wish I got the height to stand in the back ... :p

Lo Pan said...

Hi, everybody:

My computer really did not like Kelsey's 2nd fight, because it stalled while uploading that fight, and I didn't realize it to last night (cuz it keeps telling me it's uploading, so I thought that my ISP was slow). I canceled it before I slept last night, and today I woke up and it had uploaded Mike's 1st fight (next on queue). Now I'm uploading the first half of the videos at home, and the second half at work (don't tell my boss :p ) If you want to see the fights as soon as it is uploaded it is on:

Bolshevik said...

That's what I meant about making E stand in back. Otherwise he blocks everyone out.