Monday, November 24, 2008

FnF Grappling Smokers (11/22/2008)

I just want to say congrats to all who went to the smokers on Saturday! (Josiah, me, Eldin, and Mike). Everyone did well, and we certainly represented our team very well. I'm sorry for not having the videos up yet. I'm trying to find a video editing program that will let me cut the video up into it separate fights. Does iMovie do that too, Jim, or do you use another program?


Big E said...

Who is the Motley Crue????

Bolshevik said...

Nice job, guys. Congrats on the win, Lo Pan. Sorry I missed it.

Lo Pan said...

Don't worry Jim. Thanks for handling all the youtube stuff in the past. Having the videos upload for 18 hrs. made me realize how much crap you have to go thru to upload them.