Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jim's matches in the open-weight tournament - Capital City Challenge

Match #1

Match #2

Match #3 - How to get mauled.


Big E said...

Way to scrap:

To much left on the mat. Many of your matches could have been done right away but to much crap technique.

1) in the mauling You are completely straight legged so no wonder you could do nothing but get taken down. Then you completely wait til he did his thing before you attempted to get the half guard.

2) Both youand Ricky are not controlling the head on the mat when passing guard. You are not going ot walk around people guard

La Grenita said...

Real nice sweep to the back in Match 1. And don't be too hard on him, Big E - why, that little guy was slipperier than a greased catfish in a lake fulla motor oil, as my Pa used to say.